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Margins for Cutting & Trimming

In order to get your documents and designs to print correctly, we may need to make some changes to the file so you get what you want. We need to decide if you want the design to go to the edge or not.

Before uploading/sending it to Fidjiti

Bleed just means the design goes all the way off the edge.


NO, Not Full Bleed

Then that means you'll have white edges on all sides and you can keep your design the same size. 5x7 = 5x7 and you don't need extra. Just be sure your text & images that you don't want cut off or "too close" are within 0.125"-0.25" inches safely INSIDE the edge of the designs. The file can be 5"x7" inches if you want 5x7 inches with white a border. 

YES, Full Bleed

Be sure that the artwork/design you want full bleed is aligned to those bleed guides outside the trim. That means you might need to extend your entire layout/design to .0125" extra on all sides to provide a bleed line, if you haven't already. For example a 5x7 design needs to be adjusted to 5.25x7.25. Your photos, artwork and background colors all need to extend passed the trim line and to the bleed line if they are to go to the edge. 

Below is a visual to help. Since the photo doesn’t extend past the trim line, the finished product may have white space around the outside edges of the photo.

Want Stickers?

Same applies for Stickers! Provide a bit more space all around if you want your design to bleed for your stickers.  

What happens if I don't adjust my design?

Then we will leave the white border or trim it shorter than the finished size you're hoping for. Which really isn't too much anyways. Just be sure to provide your cell number in the order details so we can reach out if we have questions. :)