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Fidjiti Since 1999

Thanks for being here. Just in case you're curious.

I was the only person in 8th grade required to type my homework, that’s how bad my handwriting was/is. 😬 Been using a computer since 1993! 🙌 I typed up my homework on a DOS computer & had to save it to one of those huge floppy disks. LOL. I designed my 1st digital logo back in '99.  I’ve seen and designed it all, since being on a computer since 1993. See what my 8th grade teacher started?!

As a freelance designer, I find deep satisfaction and purpose in knowing I have lightened the load for someone else through one of my designs. Like, "good thing she designed it so I don't have to" kind of thing. Seeing thousands of my clients bring those designs to life to help them with their many in person last minute projects, is so rewarding. From baptisms, church events, birthday parties, gatherings to thank you gifts and cupcake toppers and more, it's been amazing! 

There is only one sad thing! I don't get to physically see or touch these things as they come to life. And you need to know, that I love paper and stationary and office supplies! It's always done on the other end of my computer or phone. I get to see everything virtually, and we know what a different experience that can be. And then there is the element of sending you away to print your designs maybe with someone who is new or doesn't know what to do and I always pray and hope that the person in that print shop knows what to do with my designs for you. After all I am trying to help, not make it worse.

I had the privilege of working at a print shop when I was 19 in 1999. It was my favorite job and I remember having a desire to own a copy shop like that one someday! That is where one of my "regulars" decided to name me "fidjiti" because I could never stay still while taking his order at the counter. LOL I am constantly moving! Anyways, after several years in 2006 we opened a Scrapbook Studio where we sold paper and physical scrapbooking supplies, (I can't stay away from paper!) it was fun helping clients with their paper needs again to preserve their memories. Then we expanded to wholesale accounts so others could get access to my inventory. In 2009 our family was expanding so we decided to sell everything so I could enjoy our new bundle of joy. 

In 2009 is also when I started digitally designing things and giving them away for free on my blog, because as a new mom, having a mess of scrapbooking supplies constantly out everywhere was not brining me joy. The cleanliness of digitally designing things was appealing and giving it away for free felt like I was able to serve my community in a small way.

The hubby decided to start his own business in 2010 and really started focusing on it in 2014, so I got to help with things there. I learned we can't just give everything away for free when we need to pay for the mortgage and food to eat. 

Then fast forward to 2017 and I started selling my designs on Etsy of course. First to help raise money for a friend. All proceeds went to help her with her humanitarian project in another country. I saw people really liked what I was designing so I kept designing more and this is when I started to feel validated in being a freelance designer because people were paying me for my designs. 

So now after creating thousands of designs to help thousands of my clients, I am finally able to help print those projects and no longer need to send anyone away and worry if something was done wrong, because I can do it right for them and for you! 

High quality prints, delivered so fast!

No more waiting a week for your order to be delivered or even for you to get around to going to the copy shop! 

I really do look forward to bringing your creations and designs to life through print! I hope you'll trust me to lighten your load, and you’ll be more prepared than I ever was. 

Thanks for getting to know us a bit. 

Still super Fidjiti - Linda