We are a bit fresh out of "D" day (disclosure/discovery) and wanted to share our journey as we ask questions and have meaningful convos in order to connect and be vulnerable with each other so you can see how to try these with your spouse. This is "Our Why" Episode 1, thanks for being here, and for trying to hold on. We are right there with you.

Talking about this is hard

...even just thinking about it or saying anything about it, I still kinda get this little anxiety attack. It was not a fun day. But when we started talking through, you know, after we got through some of the initial shocks and started thinking through okay, what are we gonna do, how are we gonna overcome this, um, one of my big things was, I really wanted to get on the other side of the fight. I felt like I'd been on the losing side of the battle for too long and I wanted to figure out how to fight back, how to push back against the darkness, and maybe give Satan a bit of a headache. You know, I felt like he had been causing me so much pain and shame and you know holding me back in my progress for so long. I wanted to try and be somewhat of a thorn in his side.  

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

— Romans 12:21

"The wounded who nurse the wounds of others are God's angels on the earth."

Elder Neil L. Andersen said, "The wounded who nurse the wounds of others are God's angels on the earth." And through this whole process of healing and recovery, see, you're gonna get me crying all the time, I'm sorry. We've been nursed to by several angels. He was talking about his Men in Moroni group and how that has been a strength to him. And just knowing that there was a program called the Worth Group for the spouses of those who struggle with addiction was so important to my healing as his wife. We don't necessarily get anything for sharing about Life Changing Services programs, but they really are awesome. Go look up Maurice Harker, just on YouTube, you'll find a bunch of videos that are really helpful for us spouses and he is just so validating too.

I didn't realize that I needed support as well. And when I first joined the Worth Group I found some sisters who I was able to relate to. But who also provided that support that I needed, that I had no idea that I would need.

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Countless broken promises to self, consuming thoughts of despair including, depression and thoughts of suicide.


What kind of fears, worries and shame plague the addicted and the betrayed? Do you experience these same fears?


Addiction and betrayal can taint our good memories and lead to discouragement and despair if we’re not careful. We discuss strategies for overcoming that discouragement and preserving our good memories, because they are worth fighting for.


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